Dear Tom was a short made at the end of my first semester at Columbia. It wasn't my first experience editing or creating shorts, but it was my first experience working with a full and dedicated team. 
My second composition class at Columbia ended with a rather interesting creation. I am responsible for the main edit of this short as well as some composition. This was my introductory piece into team composition work. 
Average Joe was the second film I had the opportunity to edit while working in classes at Columbia College Chicago. This helped develop my workflow and my ability to meet deadlines as this was the first film project I had worked on where it was not my own production and I was on a schedule. 
imyNoah's official music video for She Wants! is the first music video I got to fully direct and edit. I am proud of the effects and the work that my crew and I was able to accomplish in the time that we had. Overall this was an incredible learning experience and I hope to only better my short form directing and editing skills. 
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